Services of The Bridge Networks

The Bridge Networks offers the following key services;


The Bridge Networks is able provide full RF Design Services for the following key areas;

  • Analogue and Digital Radio Networks
  • Analogue and Digital Television Networks
  • Satellite Networks, both fixed and portable
  • Digital and Analogue Microwave Radio Networks
  • Antennas and Mounts
  • Civil Works

For more information on exactly what TBN can provide, please contact us on or call +64 4 471 1509.

Installation and Rigging

The Bridge Networks has accumulated a strong track record of System Integration including Installation services and rigging within the New Zealand and Pacific Region. We have on hand riggers and installers to support even the most complex project.

Some examples of installations The Bridge Networks has recently performed include:

  • Complete Satellite Land Earth Stations
  • Analogue Television Transmission Systems complete with Microwave Linking
  • Digital Television Transmission System complete with Acceptance Testing and on-site support.

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For more information on exactly what TBN can provide, please contact us on or call +64 4 471 1509.

Project Management

Through The Bridge Networks’ experience at successfully delivering projects both within NZ and offshore, we know that a successful project is as much based around the service we provide as the equipment itself.

All System Integration Projects we undertake are set in thorough and proven Project Management methodologies and like the Systems offered are scalable so that they are appropriate for the successful management and delivery.

The proven Project Management structure generally includes a detailed Site Installation Plan, Safety Compliance, Risk Management, rigorous Acceptance Testing and Commissioning Plans and training services for Operators, Maintainers and Trainers alike.

For more information on exactly what TBN can provide, please contact us on or call +64 4 471 1509.

Repair and Maintenance Services

TBN’s in-country Repair and Maintenance capabilities are extensive. TBN is one of only twelve Accredited Service Centres worldwide for Xicom Technologies, a credential that requires a wide range of test equipment and highly trained personnel.

The Bridge Networks is able to undertake small board level repairs through to large antenna or Power Amplifier Faults, both on a case-by-case basis, or as part of an annual Maintenance Program.

If you have a piece of Broadcast or Satellite equipment that needs repairing, please complete this form and send it to